Chattanooga Canine Rehabilitation and Wellness - "Dogs aren't our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."

 We now treat vestibular dysfunction in dogs and other small animals as well as offer pre-operative strengthening and conditioning!
 We offer full rehabilitation services for your canine or feline family member, including one of only a handful of underwater treadmills in Tennessee!
 "Dogs just want to be dogs" 
Physical rehabilitation for animals is fairly new to veterinary medicine, however is well proven to be an effective resource for returning people with orthopedic and neurologic injuries to healthy and active life styles.
We apply many of the same principles and techniques widely used in human rehabilitation to the animals we treat, including therapeutic exercise, manual therapy techniques, modalities for pain, owner education, and home rehabilitation programs.  We work closely with your veterinarian to develop the best possible rehabilitation plan for your pet.  

Research has shown that early 
intervention in the healing and recovery process aids in the animal's return to prior level of comfort and function.

 Let us help your pet regain his or her desired level of activity and function! 


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